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Eastern Goldfinch Clipart

Eastern Goldfinch





Eastern Goldfinch





Eastern Goldfinch





Eastern Goldfinch





Eastern Goldfinch




Tags:  Eastern Goldfinch, birds


Did you know...

The Eastern Goldfinch is the state bird of Iowa and New Jersey.  The Eastern Goldfinch is also called the American goldfinch and the Willow Goldfinch (state bird of Washington). The eastern goldfinch is a small bird that migrates for mating and the winter.  The eastern goldfinch is one of the few birds that changes color.  The male bird is bright yellow in the summer and olive during the winter.  The female goldfinch is a less vibrant shade of yellow-brown which gets somewhat brighter in the summer.  The male eastern goldfinch displays colorful plumage during breeding season to attract a mate.


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