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Baseball Clipart



baseball cap




Baseball Glove








baseball bat



baseball cap




baseball umpire




baseball player at bat


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Did you know?... Baseball was played in England in the mid-eighteenth century.  Emigrants brought baseball  to the US, where it is now the national sport.   Baseball is popular in the Americas and East Asia.  Baseball is the top sport in Japan and Cuba. 



Mailing Labels
& Icons


Here is some small sized clipart, perfect for mailing labels and icons.

Greeting Card
Text Ideas

Help with words
for greeting
cards and other


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The Many Uses for Clipart

small baby carriage

Clipart is not just for greeting cards.  It can be used in many projects.  Here are some of the most popular ways to use it.

Greeting Cards
Bulletins & Flyers
Websites & Blogs
Activity Books




How To
Download Pictures


To save clipart to your hard drive, right click on them, and then choose "save as" and select a location on your computer.





About Fonts

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Help understanding and choosing fonts.