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Notable Historic Events

August 21st

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Stephen Douglas

Stephen Douglas

1858...The famous Lincoln and Douglas debates begin. Lincoln loses the Senate race but gains national attention for himself and the newly formed Republican Party.

1911...In perhaps the most brazen art theft of all time, Italian Vincenzo Peruggia walks in the Louvre, takes the Mona Lisa, and walks out with it under his clothing.

1959...Hawaii becomes the 50th state to enter the United States of America.

August 22nd

Damage caused by Hurricane Andrew

Aftermath of Hurricane Andrew

1851...The United States wins the first America's Cup. The United States built schooner America beats a fleet of Britain's finest ships in a race around England's Isle of Wright.

1864...The International Red Cross is founded by twelve nations meeting in Geneva. The Red Cross is to give nonpartisan care to the sick and wounded in times of war.

1989...Nolan Ryan becomes the first major league pitcher to get 5,000 strike outs. He eventually gets 5,714, which is 1,500 more than his closest competitor.

1992...Hurricane Andrew hits the United States with some of the highest wind speeds ever recorded.

August 23rd

Dolly Madison

Dolly Madison

1814...First Lady Dolly Madison saves the most famous portrait of George Washington from being burned and looted by the British Troops during the War of 1812.

1902...Fanny Farmer opens Miss Farmer's School of Cookery in Boston. She changes the way Americans prepare food by the use of standardized measurements in recipes.

1989...Cincinnati baseball manager Pete Rose, who holds the record for the most hits in baseball history, is given a lifetime ban from all organized baseball because of his gambling on the sport.

August 24th

Mt. Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius

79...Mt. Vesuvius erupts. It devastates the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and kills thousands of people.

1875...Captain Webb, of Shropshire, England, becomes the first person to swim the English Channel.

2012...Anders Breivik is sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing 77 people in a bombing and shooting in Norway in the year 2011. This is the maximum sentence allowed under Norwegian law.

August 25th

John Birch

John Birch

1944...Paris is liberated by Allied Forces. The city has not been destroyed. The German Commander defied orders from Adolf Hitler to blow up landmarks and burn the city to the ground.

1945...John Birch is a former Baptist missionary who is currently serving as a captain in the United States Army in China. He is shot and killed by Communist troops. Many people consider John Birch the first casualty of the Cold War.

1950...President Harry S. Truman issues an executive order putting railroads under the control of the Army in anticipation of a strike by railroad workers.

August 26th

Mark I Mini

Mark I Mini

1939...The first televised baseball game is held between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field, New York.

1959...The British Motor Corporation launches a small, affordable car named The Mark 1 Mini. It will go on to become one of the best selling cars in history.

1968...The Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois, is interrupted by anti-war protestors. It is one of the most violent protests to occur in American history.

August 27th

Lord Mountbatten

Lord Mountbatten

1883...A huge volcanic explosion takes place on Krakatau Island, Indonesia. The explosion results in the loss of around 36,000 people. Most the the casualties are from the tsunami that forms when a large part of the Island falls into the sea. The largest wave from the tsunami measures 120 feet tall. The pyroclastic flow travels 40 miles over the ocean, scorching everything in it's path.

1979...While vacationing off the coast of Ireland on a fishing boat, Lord Mountbatten is killed by a bomb planted by Irish Terrorists (IRA). His 14-year-old grandson is also killed.

August 28th

The wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer

Charles and Diana

1963...Martin Luther King Jr. speaks to 250,000 people attending the March on Washington. His remarks on civil liberty become known as the I Have a Dream speech.

1996...Prince Charles and Lady Diana are finally divorced after four years of separation. This brings to an end what many people thought was a storybook wedding.

August 29th

Flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

1535...Pizarro and his conquistadors execute the last emperor of the 300-year-old Inca civilization.

1949...The Russians test the atomic bomb at the Semipalatinsk test site in the Kazakhstan region.

2005...Hurricane Katrina, the most costly disaster ever in the United States, hits the Gulf Coast with 145 mph winds. Failing dykes in New Orleans, Louisiana cause millions of dollars in damage. People are stranded on roof tops until rescue. Living conditions in temporary shelters are unsanitary and people are in need of food, water and medicine.


Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall

1919...Vladimir Lenin is shoot twice in an assassination attempt by the Social Revolutionary Party in Russia. The Bolsheviks respond and the country heads closer to civil war.

1967...Thurgood Marshall is confirmed as a Supreme Court Judge. He is the first African American judge of the Supreme Court.

1983...Colonel Guion Bluford is the first African American to enter space. He is part of the crew on the third mission of The Challenger.

August 31st

Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax

1888...Jack the Ripper murders his first victim in London, England

1955...The first solar powered car is demonstrated by William Cobb of General Motors.

1959...Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax strikes out eighteen batters in one game. This sets a new National League record.

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