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Notable Historic Events

February 21st

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NASCAR Inc 1948

1885...The Washington Monument, National Monument, is dedicated in Washington DC.

1948...NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Racing, is officially incorporated. It will become one of America's most watched sports, and eventually have 100 tracks across North America. Billions of dollars will be made on everything from television contracts to children's toys.

1972...President Nixon travels to the People's Republic of China. This is the first time a US President has visited China. It is the first time a US President has visited a country not recognized by the United States. China became a communist nation in 1949. Prior to this time the United States did not recognize China. One of the goals of this meeting is to lessen the risk of war by expanding the contact between the two nations.

February 22nd

General MacArthur

General MacArthur

1819...The Florida Purchase gives the rest of Florida to the United States. After numerous boundary disputes, John Quincy Adams, serving as the Secretary of State under President James Monroe, signs a Treaty with Spain in which it acquires the rest of Florida. General Andrew Jackson, the hero of the War of 1812, is appointed the military governor.

1980...The US Hockey Team, made up of amateur players, performs a "Miracle on Ice" at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics. They beat the highly favored Soviet team, which is made up of professional players.

1942...President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders MacArthur to get out of the Philippines. The Japanese are coming and the president wants him to evacuate to Australia and continue his command from there.

February 23rd

Raising the flag at Iwo Jima

US Flag raised on Iwo Jima

1945...The US Flag is raised on Iwo Jima. Iwo Jima is a small island 750 miles south of Japan. Iwo Jima has two air fields. The United States needs Iwo Jima to protect its bombers and to provide a base for its fighter planes near Japan. Japanese and American forces engage in a bloody 36-day battle. The battle takes 6,000 American lives, and injures 17,000. When the Marines scale Mount Suribachi and raise the American flag the battle is not yet over. The iconic picture of the American flag being raised over Iwo Jima symbolizes the bravery and sacrifice of American soldiers during WWII.

1455 ...Johannes Gutenberg prints his first Bible. Johannes Gutenberg is running a printing business in Mainz, Germany. Between 1440 and 1445 he invents the world's first movable printing press. By 1855 he prints a Latin version of the Bible. Between 150 and 200 copies are printed. Gutenberg's printed Bible becomes known as the Gutenberg Bible, the 42-line-Bible and the Mazarin Bible. The printing of the Bible will go on to change Christianity as it makes the Bible available for reading and interpretation to more than just the clergy. Previous to the printing press copies were handmade, usually by monks. It took years to make just one copy. You can find a copy from the original printing of the Bible in the Library of Congress in the United States of America.

February 24th

President Andrew Johnson

President Andrew Johnson

1836...Realizing they were being overpowered, the defenders of the Alamo call for help.

1868...President Andrew Johnson becomes the first President to be impeached.

1991...The Gulf War continues as ground forces enter Kuwait and Iraq.

February 25th

Hiram Revels

Hiram Revels

1862...In order to raise money for the Civil War, Congress passes the Legal Tender Act. This enables the government to print money that is not backed by gold.

1870...Hiram Revels becomes the first African American to be sworn into the Senate and to sit in Congress.

February 26

Grand Tetons National Park

The Grand Tetons

1919...After repeated attempts to make the Grand Canyon a National Park it is finally achieved in 1919. President Woodrow Wilson signs the Act to establish the Grand Canyon Park in the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon covers one million acres. It is 277 miles in length, and at one point is 18 miles across. The Colorado River cuts through the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Native Americans once had the park to themselves. Now several tribes, including the Hopi and Navajo, share the Grand Canyon each year with 5 million visitors that come to view this amazing natural wonder.

1929...The Grand Tetons are made a National Park. Grand Teton National Park is located in the state of Wyoming. The park covers 310,000 acres. It is 45 miles long and 26 miles wide. The Park is only 10 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, which was made a National Park in 1872. Grand Teton National Park is famous for spectacular mountain scenery and trails, river rafting and wildlife.

1935...Hitler organizes the Luftwaffe.

1993...The World Trade Center is bombed.

February 27th

Suffragettes and Voting Rights

1827...The first Mardi Gras is held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1864...Prisonersfrom the civil war begin arriving at the Confederate prison in Andersonville,Georgia.

1922...The 19th Amendment passes, giving women the right to vote.

February 28th

John Wesley

John Wesley

1784...John Wesley charters the first Methodist Church in America. John Wesley is a member of the Anglican Church. He is banned from the Anglican church for some of his practices, which are deemed unorthodox. He begins teaching in the open air. He and his followers feel the need for more structure, which leads to the formation of the Methodist Church

1861...Congress creates the Territory of Colorado.

1993...Federal Agents raid a cult compound in Waco, Texas.

February 29

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel

1939...Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African American actress to win an Oscar, for her role as a housemaid in the movie Gone with the Wind.

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