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 "Did You Know..."


Notable Historic Events

for the Month of November




November 11th


 Fernando Valenzuela

Fernando Valenzuela

1918...At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the Great War ends.  The first world war left 9 million dead and 21 million wounded.

1942...The US Congress passes the Burke-Wadsworth Act.  This created the first peace time draft and lowered the draft age to 18 and extended it to age 37.

1981...Los Angeles baseball pitcher Fernando Valenzuela wins the National League Cy Young Award and Rookie of the Year.  He is the first player to win both in the same year.


November 12th

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

1889...Dewitt Wallace, the founder of Reader's Digest, is born in St. Paul, Minnesota.  After high school he worked at a bank and kept index card file of his favorite magazine articles.  That is how he got the idea for Reader's Digest.

1954...The Gateway to America, Ellis Island, closes its doors after processing more than 12 million immigrants since it opened in 1892.

1980...Voyager 1 flies by Saturn.  It sees multiple rings around Saturn, as well as three new moons.  There is also atmosphere around Titan, its largest moon.


November 13th

Robert Lewis Stevenson

Robert Lewis Stevenson

1850...Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is born in Scotland.  Although he became a great writer, he studied engineering and law in school.

1945...After Allied Troops liberated one Nazi death camp after another, President Harry Truman announces a panel of inquiry to look into the settlement of the Jews in Palestine.

1982...The long awaited Vietnam Veteran's Memorial is dedicated in Washington D.C. The 50,000 plus Americans who died are arranged in order of death, as opposed to military rank.


November 14

Herman Melville

Herman Melville

1851... Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville, is published.  Moby Dick  tells the tale of Captain Ahab and his quest for a giant white whale.  It is not popular at first, but later becomes a great American Classic.

1970...A jet plane carrying the Marshall University Thundering Herd Football Team from West Virginia crashes into a hillside near the school, leaving no survivors.

1985...A volcano erupts in Columbia killing over 20,000 people.  Nearby towns are buried in mud, ice and lava.


November 15th

Craig Breedlove

Craig Breedlove

1867...The first stock ticker is unveiled at the New York Stock Exchange. It allows available up to the minute prices for investors around the country.

1956...Elvis Presley makes his big screen debut as Love Me Tender premiers in New York City at the Paramount Theater.

1965...Twenty-eight year old Craig Breedlove breaks the 600mph barrier driving his vehicle The Spirit of America. The vehicle cost $250,000.


November 16th

The Sound of Music

1957...Notre Dame beats Oklahoma 7-0, ending the Sooners forth-seven game winning stream. It is still the NCAA record for most consecutive wins by a college football team.

1959...The Sound of Music is a success from the very night of its Broadway Opening Day.  The show got average reviews, but the music by Rogers and Hammerstein was singled out as "affecting beauty."

1973...President Richard Nixon urges Congress to pass Senate Bill 1081, which allow construction of an oil pipeline from Alaska's north slope to ports south.


November 17th

The "Heidi" Game

The "Heidi" Game

1777...After 16 months of debate, Congress submits The Articles of Confederation to the states for ratification.

1968...The Oakland Raiders score two touchdowns in 9 seconds to beat the New York Jets.  However, no one watching on television sees the end of the game as NBC switches to the children's move Heidi when the game goes longer than expected.

2003...John Mohamed is found guilty in the sniper shootings that terrorized the Washington D.C. area.  He is known as "The Beltway Sniper."


November 18th

Sandy Koufax     

Sandy Koufax

1883...At exactly noon American and Canadian railroads began using four continental time zones to end the confusion of dealing with thousands of local times.

1966...At just 30 years of age, L.A. Dodger pitching ace Sandy Koufax retires due to arthritis.  He may be most famous for refusing to pitch the first game of the1965 World Series because it fell on the Jewish holiday Yon Kippur.

1978...Jim Jones leads hundred of his followers in a mass murder-suicide in Ghana, South Africa.  Many willingly drink the poison punch, but others are forced do do it at gunpoint.


November 19th


Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln

Gettysburg Address

1863...President Abraham Lincoln delivers a  memorable speech when he dedicates the Military Cemetery at Gettysburg, PA.  Lincoln brilliantly reminded the public why the Union needed to fight and win the civil war.

1969...Brazilian soccer great Pele scores his 1,000th professional goal.  In his career he led Brazil to three World Cup championships.

1975..."One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," a film about a group of patients in a mental institution, opens in theaters across the United States. Nurse Ratched becomes a symbol for a cold and heartless person.


November 20th

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan

1820...The American whale boat Essex, from Nantucket, Massachusetts, is attacked and sunk by an 80-ton sperm whale off the coast of South America.

1923...The U.S. Patent Office grants black newspaper man and inventor Garrett Morgan a patent for his three position traffic signal.

1945...In the first trial of its kind in history, 24 high-ranking Nazis are tried in Nuremburg, Germany for atrocities committed during WWII.





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