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Notable Historic Events

November 21st

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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

1877...Thomas Edison announces the invention of the phonograph, an idea that comes to him while working on a way to record telephone communication.

1927...Time Magazine features the New York Holland Tunnel. It is almost two miles long and is one mile deep. It is the world's longest tunnel.

1980...Approximately 350 million people around the world tune in to television's prime time soap opera Dallas to find out who shot JR Ewing.


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

1900...The first car produced by Mercedes Benz is taken for its test drive in Cannstatt, Germany.

1963...President John F. Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while traveling in an open vehicle during a visit to Dallas, Texas.

1986...Twenty-year-old Mike Tyson knocks out 33-year-old Trevor Berbick in just 5 minutes and 35 seconds to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

1988...The Northrop B-2, stealth bomber, is shown publicly for the first time. The aircraft is developed in great secrecy over the last decade.

November 23

Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden

Larry Hagman

1936...American publisher Henry Luce buys the name of the defunct Life Magazine. It becomes a pictorial magazine which he names Life.

1940...Romania signs the Tripartite Pac, officially aligning itself with the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.

2012...Larry Hagman, who starred in the television shows I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas, passes away. He was 81 years old.

November 24th

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

1849...John Froehlich, inventor of the first internal combustion engine farm tractor, is born in Iowa. His company, the Waterloo Tractor Works, is still owned by the John Deere Corporation.

1963...Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, shoots Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of a Dallas Police Station. Oswald is the assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

1974...Ringo Starr becomes the third former Beetle to have a #1 hit with the song Photograph. After the Beetles break up, Ringo is the only member of the group who maintains a friendship with the others.

November 25th

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

1783...Three months after the Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolution, the last British soldiers withdraw from New York City.

1952...Mouse Trap, the murder mystery written by novelist and playwright Agatha Christie, opens in the west end theater district of London. It will go on to become the longest, continuous running play in history.

1990...The Seattle to Bellevue Floating Bridge in Washington State, the longest in the world when built, sinks to bottom of Lake Washington in a windstorm.

November 26th

Humprey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.


1922...British archeologist Howard Carter becomes the first to enter King Tutankhamen's tomb in more than 3,000 years. The tomb is located in Egypt's Valley of the Kings

1931...The first cloverleaf road intersection is opened in the United States at the junction of New Jersey's Route 25 and Route 4, in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

1942...Casablanca, the WWII drama staring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, premiers in New York City. The La Marseillaise scene is called the greatest in Hollywood history.

November 27th

Jean de Laborde

Jean de Laborde

1095...Pope Urban II calls for a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land so Christians can once again visit the birthplace of Christ. The Muslims banished the Christians from visiting the Holy Land, which they had been doing for centuries.

1911... Elizabeth Jaffray, a White House housekeeper, makes notes in her published diary about concerns with President William Howard Taft's expanding waistline. Despite his size, William Taft is the only man to hold both the Presidency and then later serve as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

1942...French Admiral Jean de Laborde sinks his own French Fleet off the southern coast of France to keep it out of the hands of the Nazis.

November 28th

William Shakespeare

1582...William Shakespeare, at age 18, and Anne Hathaway, age 27, pay a 40 pound fee for their marriage license in Stratford-upon-Avon. Anne will bear a daughter named Suzanna and a twin boy and girl.

1925...The Grand Ole Opry, the most popular venue for Country Western music, begins broadcasting live from Nashville, Tennessee.

1954...Nobel prize winning Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi dies in Chicago, Illinois, at age 53. He was the first man to create and control a nuclear chain reaction.

November 29th

Natalie Wood

1947...The United Nations votes for the partition of Palestine and the creation of an Independent Jewish State.

1981...Actress Natalie Wood, born Natalie Zakherenko, drowns in a boating accident near Catalina Island, California.

1991...Dust storms cause a massive car and truck pileup of more than 100 vehicles on In Interstate 5, in Coalinga, California. Seventeen people are killed.

November 30th

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

1874...Winston Spencer Churchill, often called the greatest statesman of the 20th century, is born. Winston Churchill will guide Great Britain and its European allies through WWII.

1939...The Russian Army crosses the Finnish border. The Russian Air Force bombs Helsinki. Photos of mothers holding dead babies make headlines around the world. This leads to Finland's fierce resistance to Russia during WWII.

1954...The first documented report of a Meteorite striking a human occurs in Sylacauga, Alabama. A meteorite crashes through the roof of a house. It then bounces off a radio and hits Elizabeth Hodges on her hip. She is lucky to only have a bruise from the incident.

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