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Notable Historic Events

September 21st

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King Louis XVI

King Louis XVI

1780...Benedict Arnold plots to hand West Point over to the British for money and a position in the British army. He is now branded a traitor.

1792...The monarchy in France is abolished and France becomes a Republic. The last king, Louis XVI, is executed for secretly plotting to maintain power.

1938...An unexpected hurricane hits Long Island and travels up the New England coast. About 700 people are killed. There is massive property damage and the coastline is altered in Long Island.

September 22nd

Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale

1862... President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. More than three million slaves are now free.

1975...A second assassination attempt is made on the life of President Gerald Ford. An attempt to shoot President Ford when he is in San Francisco, California is stopped by a bystander.

1776...American hero Nathan Hale is executed by the British for spying. It is said that his last words were "I regret that I only have but one life to give for my country."

1961...President Kennedy makes the Peace Corps a government agency.

September 23rd

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones

1779...John Paul Jones, the Commander of the Bonhomme Richard, battles British ships off the eastern coast of England and wins. It is a difficult battle, and at one point the British signaled asking if he wished to surrender. It was then that he replies "I have not yet begun to fight."

1846...The eighth planet from the sun, Neptune, is discovered at the Berlin Observatory by Johann Gottfried Galle.

September 24th

John Jay

John Jay

1789...The Supreme Court is established with six judges that are to serve until their death. John Jay is to be the presiding judge.

1948...Honda Motor Company incorporates in Japan. It becomes known for affordable, reliable, and fuel-efficient cars.

1988...Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson wins a Gold Medal running the 100-meter Dash at the Olympics in South Korea. Three days later day steroids are found in his blood and the medal is taken away from him.

September 25th

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

1775...Continental Army Captain Ethan Allen is captured by the British while fighting in Montreal. He is sent to England for execution, but after two years sent back to America as part of a prisoner exchange.

1957...Racial Integration is accomplished at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas with the help of President Eisenhower and a federalized National Guard.

1978...A Southwest Airlines jet and a small Cessna crash midair in the sky over San Diego, California. There are 137 people on the two airplanes and they all perish. On the ground below seven people are killed in their homes, including 2 two children. The damage is extensive on the ground, and includes 22 houses.

September 26th

Paul Newman

Paul Newman

1580...Sir Francis Drake drops anchor in Plymouth, England on the Golden Hind. He is the first British man to sail around the earth.

1960...Senator Kennedy and Vice President Nixon face off at the first Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate. It is the first time a presidential debate is televised. Polls after the debate show that the content of the debate was overshadowed by the way the men looked on television.

2008...Movie star legend Paul Newman dies at his home in Connecticut. His career spanned five decades. He starred in sixty-five movies.

September 27th

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones

1869...Wild Bill Hickok restores order as sheriff in Hayes, Kansas. In the process he shoots and kills two men. He is not reelected for sheriff three months later.

1930...Bobby Jones wins his 4th major tournament of the year making him the first person to win the Grand Slam of golf.

1940...Germany, Italy and Japan join together with the signing of the Tripartite pact in Berlin. These countries will be referred to as the Axis powers or the Rome Berlin Tokyo Axis. They fight the Allies in WWII, although they often act independently and do not coordinate their activities.

September 28th

Ted Williams

Ted Williams

1066...William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy, claims his right to the English throne and invades the England Southeast Coast. He defeats King Harold II in the Battle of Hastings.

1918...Private Henry Tandey, a British soldier in WWI, encounters a retreating German soldier but he spares his life. The retreating soldier is Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler.

1941...Ted Williams, of the Boston Red Sox, gets six hits in eight trips to the plate in the season ending double header. This boosts his batting average to 406. He becomes the last player to bat 400 or better.

September 29th

Stacey Allison

Stacy Allison

1953...The NY Times publishes an article stating that the average Russian wants the American Dream. If a Russian gets a small plot of land, one of the first things he does is to build a big fence around it.

1982...The last of six people are killed by cyanide-laced Tylenol in Chicago, Illinois. The person who put the poison in the Tylenol is never caught, but this leads to new tamper-proof medicine bottles.

1988...Stacy Allison, from Portland, Oregon, becomes the first American women to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

September 30th

James Dean

James Dean

1949...The Berlin airlift comes to an end after 15 months and more than 250,000 flights. The Berlin crisis was a disaster for the Soviet Union, as world saw the Soviets in a bad light for trying to starve innocent citizens.

1954...The world's first nuclear submarine, The USS Nautilus, is commissioned. Captain Hyman Rickover, a Russian-born engineer, is in charge of the project.

1955...James Dean, a 24 year-old American movie star, dies in a car crash. He crashes while speeding in his Porsche to a car race in Salinas, California.

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