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pink rose

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US State Flowers


Alabama: Camellia


Alaska:  Forget-me-not


Arizona: Saguaro Cactus Blossom


Arkansas: Apple Blossom


California: Poppy


Colorado: Columbine


Connecticut: Mountain Laurel


Delaware: Peach Blossom


Florida: Orange Blossom


Georgia: Cherokee Rose


Hawaii:  Pua Aloalo


Idaho: Syringa


Illinois: Violet


Indiana: Peony


Iowa: Wild Rose


Kansas: Sunflowers


Kentucky: Goldenrod


Louisiana: Magnolia


Maine: Pinecone Tassel


Maryland: Black-eyed Susan


Massachusetts: Mayflower


Michigan: Apple Blossom


Minnesota: Lady Slipper


Mississippi: Magnolia


Missouri: Hawthorn Blossom


Montana: Bitterroot


Nebraska: Goldenrod


Nevada: Sagebrush


New Hampshire: Purple Lilac


New Jersey: Peony


New Mexico: Yucca Flower


New York: Roses


North Carolina: Dogwood


North Dakota: Wild Rose


Ohio: Scarlet Carnation


Oklahoma: Mistletoe


Oregon: Oregon Grape


Pennsylvania: Mountain Laurel


Rhode Island: Violet


South Carolina: Yellow Jasmine


South Dakota: Pasque


Tennessee: Iris


Texas: Bluebonnet


Utah: Sego Lily


Vermont: Red Clover


Virginia: Dogwood


Washington: Coast Rhododendron


West Virginia: Rhododendron


Wisconsin: Wood Violet


Wyoming: Indian Paintbrush



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