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Help with Fonts

stylistic font


There are two basic categories of fonts- serif and sans serif. A sans serif font has plain lines. It is easy to read, and often used for headlines and signs. An example of this font is Arial:

All Things Clipart

A serif font is more stylized. It ranges from small curves at the end of each line to elaborate shapes. One of the most common serif fonts is Times New Roman. Serif fonts often look good when italicized, as shown below above.

All Things Clipart


All fonts can be changed by making them very small (8 pt) or larger (16 pt and above).  10-12 pt fonts are used for most normal text.


You may also bold a font, or italicize it.  When you bold a font it makes a strong statement, so use that feature sparingly.  You can not italicize fonts that are very fancy, like Vivaldi.


Specialty fonts include fonts like Comic Sans MS (whimsical) and Vivaldi (elegant). 


font images


(Please note that the fonts used in this page will not display properly on a phone.  Only the picture of the fonts in the above box will be accurate).


Fonts are often altered at the beginning of a sentence for style, such as in storybooks:


Once upon a time, there was.....
Once upon a time, there was....

Here is an example of a specialty clipart font used at the start of the sentence:


storybook fontnce upon a time, there was....



Fonts enhance the look of your project when used correctly.  Take advantage of the many looks of fonts.





How To Download Pictures

To save clipart to your hard drive, right click on a graphic, and then choose "save as" and select a location on your computer.


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About Fonts 

Help understanding and choosing fonts.


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