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Icon Clipart 01

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Animals - Cats

cats in love     babcat icon     cat and butterfly icon

Animals - Dinosaurs

dinosaur icon    Dinosaur icon    Dinosaur icon

Animal - Dogs

Bassett dog icon    Begging Dog Icon    dog drying hair

Dog in Jail Icon    Dog Licking Coat Icon    Dog with Microphone Icon

Dog with newspaper icon    Pointer Dog Icon    Poodle Dog Icon

  dog reading a book icon    Dog detective icon   


Animals - Misc


elephant icon    peacock icon    animal paws icon

bugs bunny and daffy duck icon     critter icon    yogi bear icon

Icons 1    2    3   4

More Clipart

History Icon   Notable Historic Events...take a walk through history.  See what happened on your birthday. Fun and educational.

U.S. States Clipart U.S. States Clipart .. travel around the United States of America viewing the clipart and images from the 50 States.

Coloring Pages...... print PDF pages to color with fun facts for children.

Icons...small sized clipart for mailing labels and other projects.


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