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US Flag

Founding Fathers

Alexander Hamilton

Benjamin Franklin

George Washington

John Hancock

John Jay

Nathan Hale

Patrick Henry

Robert Morris

Roger Sherman

Samuel Adams



House of Representatives


Historic Events

9-11 Attacks

Boston Tea Party

Continental Army

Continental Congress

Crossing Delaware


Declaration of Independence


Iwo Jima

Normandy Beach

Pearl Harbor

World War I

World War II


4th of July

Flag Day

Independence Day

Lincoln's Birthday Memorial Day

President's Day

Veteran's Day

Washington's Birthday

Landmarks and Monuments

Civil War Monument

Ellis Island

Gateway Arch

Independence Hall

Jefferson Memorial

Liberty Bell

Lincoln Memorial

Monument Valley

Mt. Rushmore

National Landmarks

National Monuments

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty (6)

The Pentagon

The Supreme Court


The White House

US Capitol

US Capital Building

Washington Monument

White House

6 Bush Presidents

4 Living Presidents

Election Day

Hail to the Chief

Inauguration Day

Transportation: Air Force One


American Pride

Army Navy Game



God Bless America

I Love America


Jury Duty

Made in the USA


Patriotic Patriotic Parade

Pledge of Allegiance



  Saluting the Flag

Star-Spangled Banner

The Constitution

United States

US Flag

Military Index

US Presidents Index

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